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Custom upholstery has been our business since 1963. Angulo Custom Furnishings is a designer's workroom that specializes in high-end residential and commercial work. Artisan skills have been handed down throughout the years. The knowledge and craftsmanship is instilled from one generation to another. Our company is committed to the highest level of designer satisfaction. Our standards are just as high as yours.

We have established our reputation on the following:

- A workroom that is equipped to handle all your
fabric inspired creations and special projects. We
enjoy a good challenge.

- Master artisans that fulfill your customer's

- Taking the time to discuss design changes
that occur throughout the job cycle.

- Details are important and no detail
is overlooked.

- Specialist in unusual jobs. We do it all.

Please, fax in your designs for a quote.

Basi Angulo
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Angulo's for your custom upholstery needs.